Security and privacy

Focused on security and privacy

Taktikal products using digital signatures uses only fully qualified electronic certificates and is developed from the outset in accordance with the requirements of the EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS) which means that for each signature, the signatory is connected to the signed data in a unique way with a valid electronic ID.

Fully qualified digital signatures

We support fully qualified digital signatures according to the eIDAS regulation.

Certified time stamp and seal

All documents are sealed and time stamped with a certified timestamp upon signing.

Fully qualified electronic ID

We support fully valid electronic ID in Iceland.

In accordance with laws and regulation

GDPR ready

Taktikal products using digital signatures have been developed with privacy in the foreground from the beginning. Taktikal places great emphasis on ensuring the security of data based on privacy considerations with the "privacy by design" methodology. Taktikal works with short-term information for signing requests from the time the signing request is sent and until the signing process is completed or a maximum of 10 days, whichever comes first.

Data Privacy

Emphasis on privacy

Taktikal's systems are designed with privacy in mind and store a limited amount of information.

ISO certified operating environment

All data is hosted in ISO / IEC 27001 certified environment in Microsoft Azure cloud in Ireland.

Operational measures

Taktikal has implemented third-party monitoring software to ensure health and uptime.