Over 80% faster insurance customer onboarding

“...better service and faster processing, as well as an updated electronic process that significantly facilitates the work of employees. Our goal is first and foremost to provide excellent service and good advice, and Taktikal's solutions fit well with that goal." -Fannar Ásgrímsson, Senior Service Designer at Sjóvá Insurance


Industry challenges

New policy sales
Slow claims processing
Audits and compliance
Complex application forms

Sjóvá Insurance had challenges with onboarding customers
Sjóvá experienced time consuming onboarding processes due to multiple lengthy forms and new customers taking up to weeks to sign documents.
Sjóvá Insurance had challenges with onboarding customers

What our insurance clients are saying

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Reduce Costs and Labor

Drastically reduce the number of hours needed to manage traditionally analogue processes by implementing fully digital workflows. By offering customers online forms and secure signing, costs associated with necessary FTEs, document transportation for signatures, and paper supplies are all but eliminated.


Speed up the Sales Process

Easily tackle the challenges of new policy sales by setting up a digital process that ensures all necessary details can be gathered and signatures collected instantly, all from one designated company portal. Set up a direct integration with a CRM system or email address to transfer data with a straightforward Rest API.

Improve the Customer Experience

Online forms give customers a fully digital experience, eliminating the endless paperwork often associated with insurance policy and claims filing. Provide a clear, fast, and seamless company experience with embedded forms that guide customers easily through the information required for their selected process.


Taktikal Solutions for Insurance

Drop & Sign
The simple way to get a document signed with standard and qualified signatures.
Drop & Sign
Smart Forms
Ensure compliancy with custom integrated authentication flows for apps and websites. No code needed.
Smart Forms
Fill & Sign
Fill in forms and sign PDF documents in your browser. Converts PDF’s into dynamic web forms.
Fill & Sign
Integrate API web services for signatures and authentication into your own systems.
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